Token Swap


Token Swap

(This token swap guide is for users who are holding MEDI in a Cirrus Core Wallet. If you hold your MEDI in Whitbit or Coindeal, you do not need to follow this guide. Your tokens will automatically be swapped to ERC-20 over the coming weeks and no action is required.)

To initiate a Medi token swap follow the 3 simple steps below:

Step 1.  Download an ERC-20 wallet (we recommend Metamask) and set up a new ‘custom token’ using the details below:

Navigate to: Metamask wallet -> + add tokens -> Custom token tab

Metamask Instructions – Adding MEDI as a custom token:

Enter the following to add a custom Token:

Token address: 0x0498380Da03715752616B029e6d88EB75166E91b

Token symbol: This should prepopulate to ‘MEDI’ if you enter the correct token address above.

Token of precision: This should prepopulate to ‘18’ if you entered the correct token address above.

Once you have set up ‘MEDI’ as a custom token, navigate to the MEDI token in your Metamask wallet, and then click ‘Receive’ to find your MEDI wallet receiving address.

Step 2. Complete the form below. This will allow us to capture your old wallet address, and your new ERC-20 wallet address, so we can track and process your token swap request.


How to find your MEDI receiving address:

Step 3. Send your MEDI tokens stored in your existing Cirrus Core Wallet to our token swap address (to be burnt): CJEqCZWP9BzCQQHXbnbCm2nacPm4m6TgWb


To send tokens from your Cirrus Core wallet to our ‘token swap’ burn address, you will need to purchase and have a small quantity of CRS token to be used as ‘gas fees’. Please email us at if you require assistance in doing this, or if you require the Mediconnect team to send you free CRS tokens to facilitate this process.

Once we have received your MEDI tokens to our token swap burn address, we will issue you with our new ERC-20 token, which we will send to the wallet address entered into the ERC-20 wallet address field below.

We aim to issue you with your new ERC-20 tokens within 48-72 hours of receiving your MEDI tokens to our burn address.

Medi Token Swap Form