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MediConnect is a safety net for patients, prescribers, pharmacies and drug manufacturers. Our vision is to become the gold standard blockchain solution approved by the Pharmacy and Medicine regulators for the prevention of obtaining multiple prescriptions from online and offline pharmacies.

In addition, through the MediConnect blockchain solution the identification of counterfeit and recalled drugs and their distribution can be prevented. Protecting patients and the industry whilst ensuring potentially huge cost savings for the Pharma world. After seeing the impact of the oversupply of medication, via the National Health Service (NHS) and private routes, in January 2018 an online pharmacy owner and a superintendent pharmacist, discussed what could be done to stop these patients buying across multiple online and offline pharmacies.

• How can it be possible that a patient ordering a prescription from a website can also visit another website and be prescribed the same medication 10 minutes later?
• Why is this data not shared?
• Why is the medication received and not flagged on a record?

 The Two Big Challenges

Within the Pharmaceutical Industry
The overuse of

Prescription Medication

The overuse of prescription medication is increasing dramatically. This is because there are no control mechanisms in place to prevent patients purchasing prescribed medication from multiple sources, specifically in the private sector.

Currently, it is possible to be prescribed the same medicine from one or more online pharmacies as well as your regular NHS doctor.

Medication provenance and the

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Counterfeit drugs are increasingly available, and it can be difficult for the patient to establish provenance.

During the Casodex, Plavix and Zyprexa scandal of 2007, the Medicines and Health products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) seized 40,000 packs of fake medicine before they were distributed to pharmacies, but 25,000 packs reached pharmacies across the UK and were dispensed to patients. Following a recall, a further 7,000 packs were recovered.

 The Solution of

The Future
Connecting the

Pharma World

MediConnect is the only blockchain solution intended to revolutionise the use of medication in the UK.

It will prevent the over-prescribing to patients of medication from multiple pharmacies, reduce addiction, provide traceability of drugs from manufacturers, wholesalers, prescribers and pharmacies all the way through to patients. This will enable the removal of false medicines and the easy recall of drugs within the Pharma system. 


MediConnect Important

Blockchains are crucial for the future of medication in ensuring the safety of the user, whether that is purchasing medicine over the counter or online.

Over the

Ensuring the safety of patients who have either forgotten they have already had their medication or simply intend to harm themselves or to sell the medicine to others who do not have a prescription.

Medicine Online

patients are using online pharmacies as a convenient way to receive their prescriptions. This method however, can also have major risks involved if the Patient is able to exploit the amount of accessible medicine.

Counterfeit Medication

Counterfeit medication has been a major problem globally. With the implementation of a blockchain to the entire process of the medical industry, this problem should be resolved over time.

Benefits of the

MediConnect Offering

The Cryptico Team combines a passion for esports, industry experise & proven record in finance, development, marketing.


As part of the MediConnect offering, the MediConnect Payment Gateway will cater for seamless conversion of MEDI Token to fiat currencies, allowing pharmacies to avoid incurring high costs associated with traditional methods. Ultimately, these savings can be passed down to the customer.


The MEDI Token will be utilized in loyalty and reward schemes of participating pharmacies, allowing consumers to acquire and earn rewards with pharmacies who enroll with the loyalty scheme. This ensures that consumers get the best price for the products they purchase.


Innovations within the drug manufacturing industry will enable the creation of unique ‘drug serial codes’ on certified drugs. By utilizing MediConnect Provenance, consumers of certified drugs can ascertain the authenticity of the received item.


The MediConnect Supply Chain solution will enable the tracking of drugs from creation to distribution. This solution results in definitive drug recalls and provides complete transparency throughout the movement of drugs.


In the Pharmeceutical Industry

Supporting patients around the world and focusing on eliminating counterfeit medicine used globally.

  • Preventing patients ordering prescriptions with multiple online pharmacies.
  • Identifying counterfeit drugs and preventing their distribution into the Pharma chain.
  • Alerting patients instantly when a drug or medicine is recalled.

How it


• Creator of drug serial codes to be registered on the blockchain
• Issue drug recalls by deploying health warnings through the blockchain
• Investigate the source of counterfeit or tainted drugs in the supply chain
• Total data transparency of drug movement along the supply chain
• Tracking and traceability of genuine drugs through the supply chain lifecycle

Logistics Company

• Provide real time tracking of product ownership and chain of custody to manufacturers, wholesalers and online pharmacies
• Minimize storage and allocate inventory using data from real-time demand forecasts
• Deliver quality assurance of each tracked item, providing documentation of certification, source and inspection of drugs at customs


• Monitor and coordinate drugs distribution throughout the network
• Identify potential sources of counterfeit drugs that have been introduced into the supply chain

Prescriber / GP

• Access patients updated / complete medication list across all providers
• Permissioned to prescribe drugs and register the prescription directly on the blockchain
• Save administration time and burden of paper trails
• Reduce adverse medication events with warning on drug-drug interactions


• Reduce fraudulent prescriptions issued by unqualified professionals
• Obtain authorised prescriptions that are issued on the blockchain
• Build a healthy supplier relationship with drug manufacturers and wholesalers
• Track the origin, location and status of the drug consignments


• Purchase or nominate NHS & private prescriptions from online or offline pharmacy of their choice
• Their prescription records are accessed by all healthcare professional services to assess their medical history, suitability for supply and prevention of over use.
• Ability to scan with mobile application their medication for verification of provenance / health warnings and False Medicine and for potential drug recalls.


Stats & Figures

Here is some information on the huge problem the world faces in the pharma industry.

  • Counterfeit medication business annually €188bn
  • Drugs sold online are fraudulent (WHO) 50%
  • Online prescribers were unsafe 43%
  • Brits were prescribed opioids in 2017 – an 80% rise on the 2007 figure. 3.1m
  • Cost of opioids to the taxpayer £263m
  • Brits are said to be chronic prescription painkiller users 200k
  • Hospital admissions every day due to overdoses – almost doubled in a decade 60+
  • lives claimed by America’s opioid crisis in 2016 17,000

MediConnect Allocation Tokens

15% Adviders / Partners
15% Team
67% Private & Public Sale
3% Bounty

MediConnect Allocation Funds

25% Marketing
20% Infrastructure
40% Development
15% Legal & Accounting

Our Documents

Here are some documents that help you to understand more about us & what MediConnect is about.


Road Map

Check out the roadmap so far for MediConnect. See the milestones we have reached and others we aim to reach in the future.

Q4 2021
End-to-End Testing on MVP
Q4 2021
Launch API Gateway for MVP
Q1 2022
Review Data Analysis for MVP
Q2 2022
Development of AI for MVP
Q2 2022
Further Exchange Listings
Q2 2022
Create & Deploy DEFI Bridges to DEX's
Q3 2022
Production Release of the MVP
Q3 2022
Deploy Blockchain Integration for MVP
Q3 2022
Develop POA Nodes for MVP
Q3 2022
Further Exchange Listings
Q3 2022
Collateral Decisions on Staking Rewards
Q4 2022
Create & Deploy Staking Rewards Platform
Q1 2023
Collateral Decisions on POA
Q2 2023
Onboarding POA Nodes for Partners
Q3 2023
Global Roll Out of MVP to Partners
Q3 2023
Further Exchange Listings
Meet The


Meet the core members of the MediConnect Team.

Dexter Blackstock
Mediconnect Director

Harry Chathli
Head of Investor Relations

Adeel Younas
Head of Business

Bobby Cato
Operational Manager

Gary Nelson
Head of Engineering


Samuel Ogunsalu


Dr Wesley Tensel

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